Our Location

Andrew Evans in front of 1439 Buffalo Road

After a long time spent searching, RCTC has acquired a location.  In the fall, the abandoned church at 1439 Buffalo Road was deeded to us by its owner.  Having stood abandoned for quite a few years, there’s a lot of work involved in getting it back up to code.  We cleaned out a lot of dumpster loads worth of debris, and have obtained a work permit to do the rehab required to make the building habitable again.

You Can Help!

We aim to start training classes in April.  For that to happen, we have a lot of work to do, and we’re soliciting funds and donations of materials and volunteer workers to make it possible.  Here’s list of the stuff we need:

Pre-Opening Projects

Roofing: $18-20,000
Gutters: $1-2,000
Windows: $1,200-$1,800
Doors (5): $2,000 (1.5/hr rating)
Drywall: $2,000
Plumbing: $1,500
Heating: $3,000
Flooring: $10-11,000
Painting: $2,000
Total Estimate: approx $40-45,000

Those numbers are based on paying retail and paying for installation.  If we can secure donations of materials and volunteer labor, we can do it for much less.  If you have materials to donate, or would like to help in any way, please email us or call (585)309-1595.