Rochester Construction Training Center is a non-profit committed to train individuals in the field of construction who otherwise would not receive training. Donations of goods or money are tax deductible. We will provide quality training that will yield experienced and productive construction laborers to meet the needs of the construction industry. We train young people who need a boost to their employability to start in the job market, and not-quite-so-young people who need to make a change or a second chance. We accept trainees who may have a criminal record.

Core Values

Team Work

We recognize our primary asset is our people. To be successful, Rochester Construction Training Center will provide an environment that is conducive to our participants being successful. We will provide opportunity and encouragement to help each individual reach their potential. We are committed to work with the participants as a team with the intent of improving their lives.


We want the participants to know that our staff is equally committed to their successful completion of the training as they are. We commit personal attention to each one as individuals and genuinely care about their future.